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Can you relate???

“Why do I always run out of storage?? I need more storage!”

“Is it possible to magically have loads of storage in this pokey-wonky house?”

I specialize in finding spaces and creating bespoke storage solutions for any nook and cranny to maximize every inch of space in your home—no matter how wonky it is! I will provide joinery details and liaise with joiners/ carpenters in order to make sure that it is successfully implemented in your home.

“How can I get my kids to tidy up by themselves??”

Kids should be taught independence and responsibility at a young age. It helps if they can access their own storage space confidently and safely to encourage them to take care of their things and tidy up. My services include planning bespoke storage solutions keeping in mind different types of living situations. Living with children is my specialty as I’m a parent myself and have received special training from Children’s IKEA department.

“How can I see what my kids are up to?”

Whether it’s a simple knock-through or a whole new extension, an open plan solution makes it easy to watch kids and also promotes a sense of “togetherness” no matter what everyone is doing individually (cooking, home works, playtime, watching tv)

“How can I be part of what’s going on while I’m prepping dinner?”

“How can I get more space for large family gatherings and parties but also have a place to wind down and relax?”

Whether it’s a simple knock-through or a whole new extension, we will discuss what your family truly needs in order to have a home that works for you. I can design both types of plans for you and work with technicians, architects and engineers to get it submitted for planning permission, if and when needed.

“But, what if I also need peace and quiet away from my boisterous kids and enjoy a book or movie over a glass of wine?”

There are a few options to creating a semi-open plan so that you can enjoy togetherness and tranquillity at the same time (and a separation when you need it). My duty is to walk you through these options for you to have an informed decision.

“How to create open plan living on a tight budget?”

“What if we have too much open plan?”

“What type of house extension do I need?”

An extension always seems to be the obvious solution, but you’ll be surprised that with clever space planning and reclaiming every usable space, you actually have more than enough square meters (or square feet) to work around with! Layout solutions is my expertise. I will reveal your home’s full potential before deciding on the more expensive route of extensions.

“How and where can I carve out a separate quiet work space so that I can take important calls and meetings undisturbed?”

I am exceptionally good at space planning. I can always find a space for whatever spatial needs you require – a new home office, an extra shower room, a bigger family bath, an ensuite, a powder room, a walk-in pantry, a mudroom, etc. Whatever it is I’ll find a way!

“How can I design a sense of retreat in my own home? I love our escapes to nice and exotic places and want some of it for our home!”

My personal interior style is a blend of Scandinavian, Parisian and wabisabi. The Scandinavian functionality and craftsmanship, the Parisian flair, and the wabisabi mood and textures—when combined together in successful proportions— can achieve a laid-back, whimsical and exotic ambience all within the comfort of your own home, which I’d love to help you with!

“It’s been a year since we moved in, when can we finally get this reno started? And how to even begin??”

Some of us know, as early as our first house viewing and putting an offer in, that we are definitely going to renovate for this home to work. But somehow life gets in the way and we are stuck with the same layout for years. Allow me to help you to finally get the ball rolling by addressing all your pressing issues and unlocking your house’s potential. Let’s get to know you, so I can start planning, designing, and liaising with the necessary trades to get you nearer your dream home!

“How can I add bloody character to this new build?!”

Put persona in your new home! Let me help you find your unique style and design it into your new home!

“Is there hope to revive my tired old home?”

I will help you determine what level of help your home needs. Sometimes a simple furniture reshuffle and a lick of paint will do the trick. Other times a total makeover will breathe an entirely new life to your home for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come! And don’t worry, I’ll keep your most beloved pieces and give them a special place they deserve in the makeover process.

“I want to keep some things that’s been passed down my family for generations but where do I place them?”

“I just bought a lovely vintage piece from ebay, I didn’t realize it’s too big!”

As much as I’m a quirky designer, I’m also a sentimental girl. I love vintage as much as I love fun! I totally understand your sentiments and I will always find a special place for your lovely collections and most beloved pieces of furniture in planning your home makeover.

“Where do I find the space for the hoarded things I love?”

I am a quirky designer, and I am also a hoarder just like you! So, I totally understand the need for extra storage. Yes, there is never enough storage especially in a family home but I can create for you more than enough—bespokely and beautifully!

“How can I be more sustainable in reusing old furniture or buying second hands in my renovation project?”

From reusing your existing furniture, sourcing vintage ones or maybe you want to capitalize on a second-hand kitchen from an outstanding brand, I can help you plan these into your renovation. I have incorporated an entirely second hand kitchen myself into our current home!

“I love the charm, high ceilings and location of our terrace apartment in the heart of the city but how can its size work for our young family?”

Small spaces require multi-functional furniture and solutions for it to work. We have lived in a few apartments for 5 years since our child was a baby so I totally understand where you’re coming from. I thrive in solving challenging spaces and I love designing bespoke furniture and storage that will make life a lot easier and more organized in a small apartment so that you can focus your efforts more on your young family.

“I’m currently renting and not sure if it’s ok to renovate?”

Renting should not stop you from putting your own stamp in. We have lived on a rental property for 5 years with a child since she was a baby and I have a few rental-friendly cosmetic alterations up my sleeve to share with you!

“I want to rent out my place but it doesn’t look attractive.”

Do you want to attract valuable tenants who would invest in your property long-term? Let me design/ stage a home they would fall in love with and never want to leave!

“I want to sell our house. How can I get the best offer for it?”

If you are renovating to sell, let me point you to the right ‘reno investments’ that will increase the value of your property and appeal to the needs of your prospective buyers. It takes a bit of market research and clever planning to achieve an irresistible property on the current market.

“How can I make sure that I attract the right home buyers for the multiple properties I’m selling?”

Homeowners respond to something special that resonates with their family’s needs and wants when they see it. I create captivating homes that will definitely have a wow factor and impress an indelible mark on every potential buyer’s heart. Whilst doing this, I see to it that my design aligns with your company’s vision, brand, and set budget – understanding the importance of your ROI.

If any of these questions hit home, then it may be time to book one of my design services above.

Troubleshoot Your Home in 3D

starts at £498 for a 90-minute Consultation

Upgrade up to 3 hours to thoroughly discuss the details of one space, discuss a kitchen layout OR cover multiple spaces (3 spaces maximum).

Either online or face-to-face (clients within G62 & G61)

Offered UK-wide and international

Feeling overwhelmed with trying to nail down the design and layout of your space all on your own?

Tired of waking up to a half-finished home every morning with patches of paint swatches on every wall (definitely not the best start to your day, right?)?

Or perhaps you’re about to undertake a major extension project or kitchen renovation for your forever home, and you want to ensure that you have fully maximised the potential of your new space —without any “oops” or “I wish I hads” cropping up later on.

If you nodded along to any of the above, then my most sought after magical design service is perfect for you— my on-the-spot 3D Consultation! We explore various options together in 3D which means you can instantly visualize your space and you can land on a favourite, most feasible solution by the end of our session!

As an extra tool, you’ll receive a recap document complete with clickable links to everything we’ve discussed during our session. Plus, if our consultation is conducted online, you’ll also receive a recording of the entire session! This means you can conveniently refer back to our conversation anytime you wish, allowing you to implement your project at your own pace.

e-Design with Anne

Offered UK-wide and international

Either virtual or face-to-face within G62 & G61

(Discounted package prices for multiple rooms)


Perfect for families who need a redecoration, a full layout reconfiguration, open plan living or home extension designs, or maybe a seamless bespoke joinery to maximize every bit of wall and floor space finally addressing all storage woes!

My 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial interior design means you get the expertise of a seasoned designer! And my IKEA background and specialisation in the Children’s department means you can have bespoke storage to organise your life minus the price tag and the wait to get it done. 

A full concept design takes only 2 to 4 weeks, this is a more affordable, fast and convenient alternative to a full-service design package.  You get a complete set of design documents that you can confidently implement at your own pace. 

We always begin with a 90-min consultation after completing your questionnaire to learn more about you and your family, your needs, wants and lifestyle.

An e-Design Package may have two phases: Phase 1 is Concept Design and Phase 2 is Detailed Design

e-Design Phase 1: Concept Design

Starts at £ 898 per space

Your Full Concept Package includes: 

  • Client Questionnaire
  • 90-min consultation
  • Layout options in 3D (because everything is so much easier to grasp in 3D! And helps your builder understand and price your project.)
  • Mood board options with colour and material suggestions
  • Styling suggestions
  • Product suggestions with clickable links
  • samples of agreed final scheme sent to your doorstep*
  • 1-hr Design Presentation
  • A contact window for help if and when you need it

e-Design Phase 2: Detailed Design

Fee depends on Final Concept Design scheme and requirements but starts at £1198 per space

Choose at least three (3) or all of the following to include in your Detailed documents:

  1. Room Elevations to scale with detailed measurements and annotations
  2. Storage Joinery Designs & Detailing to scale
  3. General materials from your chosen mood board rendered into your 3D layout of choice (this helps firm up your shopping list).
  4. 3D Animation/ Walkthrough
  5. Lighting and Electrical plans to scale
  6. Full Shopping List
  7.  Styling Board
  8. Purchasing in your behalf*

(*for UK-based clients only)


Pick-and-Mix depending on your scope of work and requirements and I will create a bespoke package for your project!

Full services interior design Anne Interiors

Full-service Interior Design with Anne

Only available to Milngavie and Bearsden in the meantime.

Bespokely packaged tailored to your project requirements.

Suitable for projects that require on-site support from a seasoned designer. No matter how big or small, simple or complicated your project is, if you need me to be there, I will be there to hold your hand or relieve you totally of construction headaches.

This package provides you with professional designer support at a higher level during multiple stages of your project, from design concept to design development, right through to construction and completion. Making sure that the detailed documents are implemented exactly as per drawing and any design-related issues requiring quick solutions are carried out right away in order to avoid delays.

Your package includes ALL of the things I cover in Concept and Detailed Design plus so much more:

  • Finer detailed drawings and schedule of items most often required by trades for precise cost quotation and construction
  • Meticulous liaisons with contractors/ builders, trades and suppliers throughout the construction process
  • Allocated number of Site visits
  • Extended contact window depending on length of project
  • Turnkey styling

Priced bespokely according to your project requirements.

Are you a small business owner who needs help with your physical commercial office or shop? Expanding or just starting out?

I can work with your architect and/or engineer to help you design your commercial space, making sure that its interiors reflect your unique business branding, message and objectives. A well thought-out design can dramatically increase your sales targets!

 Get in touch!